Chestnut Hill Farm is a sixth-generation farm started by Dennis and Melissa's great grandfather. It began as a typical farm in that era with the typical mix of livestock and crops to feed the family and produce income to support the family of 10 children.

When Robert Willard took over the operation he continued with the livestock and added vegetable production to sell to the local canneries. As the canneries begin to decline in the area and Robert's son, Dennis Willard Sr., joined the farm, the vegetables were phased out and a swine finishing barn was added. Robert continued to work on the farm until the day he passed away at 90 years of age. Dennis Sr. continues to work on the farm today, but with declining health, recognizes the fact that he could not continue to do it on his own.

After many discussions and brainstorming ideas, it was decided that it would be the ideal time for Dennis Jr and Melissa along with their spouses to join the farm. It is ironic that after all these years, we went full circle and brought vegetable production back to the farm along with the addition of an on-farm market.

sorting produce
harvesting pumpkins
in our fields
harvesting pumpkins
our farm
our farm
at the farmers markets
harvesting greens